Best Things to Do in McKinney, Texas for Kids

Best Children’s Activities in McKinney

McKinney might be known for its history, but it’s a great place for families and kids. The city holds many child-friendly activities that will get your little one engaged in a fun and educational way. From an urban trampoline park, to historical museums, to a giant indoor obstacle course, McKinney has it all.  Here are the best children’s activities to do in McKinney.


McKinney, Texas

Play Street Museum McKinney

Play Street Museum ranks pretty high as one of the best places for kids to play and learn.  The museum is set up as a farming town, and lets kids explore interactive exhibits in a fun and educational play area, while adults can relax and watch with minimal stress.  The museum is modeled after the belief that for children, play is essential for learning and development.

The museum features countless interactive games and toys that will keep your child occupied for hours.  Featured toys include: an “incubator” for chicks, a large model cow, a wall with giant light-up plug in pieces, crafts and paper, a chalkboard, multi-sized blocks and a fishing pond.  The museum places a high priority on keeping facilities and toys clean and organized and while taking all planning and preparation off of parent’s shoulders.  It’s a win-win!


Obstacle Warrior

Does your child love to climb anything and everything? Do they enjoy active games and strategy? Obstacle Warrior is the place to be. Inspired by the popular television obstacle game-show “American Ninja Warrior”, Obstacle Warrior is decked out in enough obstacle courses to keep your child swinging for hours.  Staff are always on hand, and there is a “ninja trainer” at every obstacle to assist and supervise children.

Obstacles at this indoor arena range from climbing walls to quarter pike walls, trapeze bars, uneven monkey bars, rope ladders and a dodge ball area.  Admission per child is $10 an hour, and staff give out colored wrist bands to separate children into groups.  When a child’s wrist band color is called, they may enter the obstacle course. Obstacle Warrior also offers birthday parties and private workshops, priced upon inquiry.


 Kids Expressions

 Picasso doesn’t stand a chance against the art work created at Kids Expressions!  This art theatre, built especially for “little artists”, allows guests to create their own artwork in a controlled, splatter-proof environment.  Kids Expression sets itself apart, however, because they have a Parents Drop Off program—parents can simply drop off their children, and pick them up. During this time, kids are provided with a meal, snack, juice a movie and lots of playtime, and are ready to be picked up at the arranged time.  The facility also hosts a music room, coloring room, bounce house, toddler room and a VIP birthday room.

Kids Expressions does everything they can to provide each child with a fun, memorable experience and cater to each activity the children desire.  Notably, they are also open from 9am-7pm Monday-Saturday, to cater to working parent’s needs.


Kinder Kraft

Kinder Kraft, founded in 2016, is the premiere place to expose your child to a sensory environment, by allowing them to create their own handmade item.  The staff at Kinder Kraft assist children from beginning to end with their projects, working hands-on so children can create their craft in their own special way, including choosing their favorite colors, using their imagination.  Kinder Kraft provides all supplies and materials necessary for children’s disposal, and do all of their own clean-up so adults don’t have to! Kinder Kraft is the perfect place for your child to experiment and create something they and you can be proud of, for years to come.

There is something for everyone in McKinney.  Even if you need a McKinney orthodontist , Orthodontex awaits!

The next time your child wants to create a hands-on craft, painting project or needs some stress-free playtime to let off some steam, McKinney has the place to be.